How to Login to My Account?

What is the Client Area?

This is a secure area of our website where you may access all aspects of your Webmatic account. From here, you can access directly your Webmatic website hosting and account details, (past invoices, your contact information). 
It's also the way for our customers to access their webmail/ emails /and cPanel.

Your have 2 login options:

Option 1 is via our website e.g. home page:
Enter you account login details via the orange icon at the top of the page; (a login box will pop up).
Option 2 is via is via the client URL:
Enter you account login details via the Login Link at the top of the page.
Note: You should only give access to the client area to authorised persons within your organisation, or to trusted IT professionals with expert knowledge in web hosting, DNS and email management. 
There are a lot of highly sensitive settings within cPanel, for example, that if misadjusted, can affect the performance of your entire domain, email delivery and your website.  If you need our help, you can always contact us to make changes to your web hosting account settings or email etc. We are here to help.  

Note: SSL/ Domain Account Registrations
If your domain name was registered with us prior to 1 September 2018, your domain account information is available to view in a separate login here: 
Please contact us for more information if you need any account information that you cannot find within this article.

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