Registering, and Transferring Domain Name/s

Q: Can I Register A Domain Name with Webmatic?

A: YES, you can search across all domain name databases to find out if the domain name you want is available. 

Then you may register your domain name right here in the store.

  1. Click on the main navigation menu above : “Store”
  2. Store > “Register a New Domain

Q: Can I transfer my Domain Name to Webmatic, does it cost anything?

A: Yes. We have the facility to provide Domain Name TRANSFERS
This is free of charge – no fee is payable for your to transfer your domain name into a new, or existing Webmatic account. 


Q: What Are The Domain Prices?

A: Prices vary. Depending on what TLD you are looking for.

(TLD is the extension of a domain e.g. or It stands for Top Level Domain. 
There are also lots of international domains available, as well as global domain extensions such as .land, or .bike ... etc.

To see the full range:

Visit our domain supermarket


Domain Pricing

For a full list of prices head to the pricing page which shows the latest up to the minute prices for all domain names we sell.  
Domain Pricing.

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