Tips on How to increase Google reviews for your business

Some easy to follow tips to get even MORE business using your online presence and Google reviews

Google reviews and social media

An EXCELLENT way to increase your online quote requests is a lot of positive Google reviews.
Since Google reviews are obviously favoured by the search engine and show up upon every relevant result, if your business wants to have a good presence on Google, the best place to start is by getting more Google reviews.

Google review link options

Even if your page currently has a 5 star ranking (which is awesome!) the more reviews you have the better.* See Footnote.
You could get more business doing this!

Studies have found out that 88% of consumers now trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.

A good place to place a sign encouraging customers to write a Google review is at the point of sale—or, at the foot of your invoices or email signature.

Consider sending customers a REVIEW link after an order, to ask for Google reviews.
Once you encourage your customers to leave reviews, make sure their efforts are rewarded with your attention. Respond to reviews, even not so positive reviews!
QUICK LINK: Here’s a great (free) online tool for generating review options for your business (opens in  new window):

Business Facebook or LinkedIn page 

Do’s and Don’ts: 
  • Do have a fully filled out business information on your page including details like your address and contact details.
  • Do have real pictures of your business or products
  • Do consider adding relevant photos and regular posts to your business Facebook page, this can really help to increase your company profile online.
  • Don’t use generic stock (library) photos – they look fake because they are fake!
  • Don’t have a blank Facebook or Linkedin Page. (Nothing looks more sinister than a dead end link).
  • Customers click on your social media button … only to find a vacant page? Not a good look!

If you have any questions or want to increase your leads, via Google reviews and social media – get in touch with me.

FOOTNOTE: Selecting the recipients for Google reviews is possible ONLY if the person receiving your email is signed into a Google account. Therefore Sending someone a request/link to leave a Google Review will work ONLY if the recipient has a Google Account and is signed in. (Anyone with a Gmail address definitely is signed into their Google account, for example). This means of the people to whom you send a request, a percentage may not be able to leave a review: take this into account when selecting the recipients.