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For $380 (+Govt. charges)

Your trademark application will be managed by an experienced Australian Registered Trademark Attorney. You pay us nothing.

This online trademark filing software automates the search of all goods and services classifications and class-based availability, saving you time and money.

Leveraging off this intelligent software we are able to offer our clients cost-effective trademark filing, without compromising on quality.

Each trademark application filed through our portal is reviewed by a Registered Australian Trademarks Attorney located in Sydney. This gives your trademark application its best chance of registration success. By registering a trademark you will be giving your brand name a broad scope of trademark protection.

File your trademark online
File your trademark online

Fees and Charges

Apart from the $380 there are no further fees to pay for your Australian application (unless you require our online Attorneys to prove to the examiner that your trademark is not descriptive, or to circumvent an earlier filed trademark).

Unlike traditional trade marks attorneys, our online Attorneys use a pre-filing “registrability” screening process, so your application won’t receive an adverse examination report. This means there is no risk of cost blowout during the examination process.

Our processing Attorneys also offer you a registration guarantee: if your trademark is refused by the examiner, you can file another trademark without the $380 fee. You may need to pay only the govt. re-examination fee of $120 per class, paid directly to the attorneys for government fees.

You Deal Direct with a Qualified Trademark Attorney

Any trademark application filed via this page/link is reviewed by a Registered Australian Trademarks Attorney located in Sydney, Australia. All subsequent dealings you have regarding your application will be direct with your appointed Attorney.


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