What’s a Butcher, Drugs,
Alcohol, Dental Implants
& Personal Loans
Have in Common?

“Each is a Small Business Website Whose Owners Are Busy At What They Do Best”

Australian small business is a tough environment and only the hardy thrive.  In a world of early starts, late nights, and the stress of just bloody doing it all – it’s not easy. Add to that the chore of being your own small business website manager. Oh the pain! It’s always slipping down the to-do list!

As a website designer and developer for small business, I know exactly the hurdles you face when it comes to the website end of your business. It’s my area of speciality to help you get over the hurdles as easily (and hassle-free) as possible with a minimum of fuss. What takes me 15 minutes might take you an hour or more of frustration. It’s not always as easy as it seems to keep a website’s content updated and looking good.

And having been through these exact same struggles as you, the website management issues etc etc, I understand what it takes to ease the pain of website content. Not just creating, but also managing the content, when all you really want to do is focus on the primary business of generating revenue for your business, right? Sound familiar? Here are some of the top reasons for getting a website professional to look after your website for you.

  1. Wheel-spinning Gets Nowhere Fast
    While you are working on your website you are not working on the sales and direct income-generating activities. (Yes, it’s important to keep it fresh and updated), but who has the time?
  2. Even Child Prodigies Have Their Skills
    We can update website content in a fraction of the time it would take a non-web design professional. You might be the go-to person of accounting/martial arts/yoga/art/cakes [insert your chosen area of expertise here]… that’s your area. But are you a qualified web design person?
  3. You Never Signed Up for Web Design 101
    In the first place you never chose to become a website pro, right? We did. It’s our bread and butter. In fact it’s our beer. (Which is also an important vegetable, ‘cos it’s made from hops, barley and malt: all vegetables!)
  4. If You Break It, You Take It
    If you ‘break the website’ while updating or even slightly formatting the content, (it can happen!) it’s not only ridiculously frustrating but may be costly to your business to fix. But if we stuff it up by mistake while we are working on your site – we can fix it right away and anyway it’s our funeral! So we don’t make mistakes like this often. We did that. Once.
  5.  We know design and images!
    If you add an image to your website chances are it’s not optimised for the web, which could dramatically slow down* the loading of a web page. An example is a client of ours, who contacted us for help when her home page was taking about 15 seconds to load. *She had added a nice 4Mb size image (that had real world width of 40cm), into a webpage that really only needed a small image of about 8cm width. We saved the day with a replacement image of about 480kb. Which was the same image but saved correctly. Optimised. That’s an 88% file size saving, for a 88% faster-loading home page!
  6. Less is More
    How much time does it take you to earn for your business what you’d pay us to update a page, vs what it might cost you in lost earning time. Or worse, lost time. To get home. Or head out for a ride, or a run or whatever. Life is just too short to do it all yourself.

Give me and my Webmatic team a chance to prove our worth to your business website.

We’ll make you look good, and save you time. In the long run you might give us more reasons to add to the list above and make it a top ten tips!

Contact us today for a quote or a chat, we’d love to hear from you.