Webmatic is delighted to be a sponsor of a local community group, not-for-profit organisation located in the suburb of Westleigh, NSW. We sponsor the Westleigh Water Board Association (WWBA) for their marketing website, web hosting and web content/care package. We assist with marketing and promotions of the WWBA  fundraising activity generally.


The Westleigh Waterboard Association Ltd *(WWBA) is the “voice of our local community”, in an effort to raise awareness of sports needs in our community.  It defines its mission as “… aiming to bring together all Sporting and Recreational bodies with the aim to ensuring that the solution provided for the Water Board land meets all local Sporting and Recreational requirements.” Please find more about the WWBA and its mission here (website being updated regularly) as well as this Facebook page.


Some people might say, web design, copywriting, web design. What really is the difference? What can it do for my promotional needs? Well, I can tell you when it works, executed by a professional creative who understands your business objectives —- it can transform your communications and WILL TRANSLATE directly into sales $$!! That’s what I’m talking ’bout!

To demonstrate, let me share “the good news” story. We’ve worked pro bono on design, marketing and digital promotions for the WWBA community benefit held on Saturday night 29 July 2017 in Westleigh.

The event, thanks to some high performing marketing (on a shoestring budget) was a resounding success with over 3,000 people coming out — on a winters night which is a challenge all of its own — purely on the basis of the marketing we’ve been crafting the past 3 weeks.

Yes. I was bloody nervous nobody would show. My reputation was on the line… even though I did the work for free, I still take pride in being professional. But I needn’t have been concerned. All up through the gates we exceeded 3,000 people over the 3.5 hrs the event ran. The finale was a spectacular fireworks show.

My personal pro bono services included website, design & artwork for the banners, social media/PR liaison etc.

PS. I also spent 3.5hrs BBQ duty on Saturday night, cooking goodness knows how many sausages! (Omg suasaggggess … but that’s a different story for another post!)



WWBA Cracker Night Fireworks event 2017
WWBA Fireworks finale!
WWBA Turnout about half way through the event
BBQ Time! Smelt as good as they look!
BBQ at WWBA Cracker Night Fireworks event 2017
Fireworks extravaganza, by FOTI, the guys who do Sydney NYE fireworks display. Simply AWESOME!