Branding and Logo Design

We’ll help optimise your Branding and Logo Design, across your different marketing platforms. From your printed media, such as business cards, to desktop and mobile websites we can enhance your business image in every way.

Perception Is Everything

When it comes to your ‘Business Identity’ you only get one short chance to make your mark, and impress with a unique look or to visually communicate what you do via a well designed logo. While that may sound easy, in reality designing a logo that ticks all the boxes is an art.

Cheap is Expensive

Sure, you can get an online template of a logo, cheaply. Or you could crowd-source a logo. However that approach to design is like ordering at a restaurant with your eyes closed, and randomly pointing at the menu hoping for the best! Firstly your ‘designer’ has no idea of your business objectives nor do they have insight to your target audience. Unless they can read your mind they probably would just be reacting to arbitrary subjective opinion (likes or dislikes), that have no real bearing on your business. You will probably be costing yourself more than you save in the long run. You may well have to revisit the logo design later, and increasing your costs all over again. Like they say, you get what you pay for.

To look more professional you need consistency and attention to detail for your branding. We can help. We will also help with any additional online and/or printed collateral used for brand awarness and/or your business promotion campaigns.

Our services cover:

  • New logo design
  • Graphic design
  • Branding Identity systems
  • Corporate identity and Logo design
  • Corporate Identity Brand Manuals
  • Logo refreshers
  • Logo artwork updates
  • Logo redrawing artwork
  • eMail Signatures
  • Brand reviews
  • Social media versions of your branding
  • Facebook cover images etc
  • Seasonal or ‘event versions’ of your logo (styled for Christmas, Easter, Anzac Day etc)
  • Branding style guides

We will help you to combine the elements of your business’ branding and logo design,
and turn that into a powerful brand voice.

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