Enterprise Grade Email Services and more, with Google Workspaces

In business who has not experienced email problems? Whether it’s an email server crashing, running out of space, too much junk or “lost” emails. If you have had enough, we advise doing what the corporates often do, which is to run your email via Google Suite.

Your email address will stay the same, but for about $5 per month you will have a far more reliable and safe email experience.

Webmatic is an accredited Google partner. We use Google Workspaces (formerly G Suite) for our company, and think you should consider this for your organisation too. Take a closer look at Workspaces:

Here are 4 good reasons to give it a try:

  1. You can get customised email and more with Gmail for work.
  2. It helps employees get things done while collaborating more quickly and efficiently.
  3. Millions of businesses, large and small, have already seen the benefits and moved to Google Workspaces
  4. You can keep your existing professional email address and we can help you make the switch.

G Suite Enterprise Grade Email Services Google Workspaces


Even on a basic plan, your individual account will get a vast cloud storage limit of around 30GB, you will be able to much more easily connect to your email box from any device, the amount of spam and potential virus attachments will dramatically be reduced to zero! The spam and virus reduction is due to a massive base of emails being monitored, so once an issue is detected for a small minority that pattern is then applied to the whole.

There are additional benefits such as the free online spreadsheet and word processors supplied by Google, read on for more info.

Get all of these tools in G Suite for $8.40 /user/month.
(paid directly to Google and includes Google’s 24/7 tech support)

Find out current pricing here



Gmail: Get professional business email with Google-powered search, up to 30 GB of storage, offline support, spam protection, integrated video meetings and much more.


Calendar: Arrange meetings at times that work for everyone, respond to invitations straight from your inbox, stay on schedule with event reminders and access your calendars offline.


G-Drive: Store your files in the cloud, access them from anywhere, export them easily and always know that you have the latest version.


Docs: Create, share and edit documents with your whole team in real time without ever having to click Save.


Google spread sheets: Co-edit spreadsheets from any location or device, viewing revision history with
a simple click and exchanging feedback through discussion-style comments.


Slide Presentations: Craft professional presentations through real-time teamwork and enhance them with videos, images, drawings and transitions.


Google Sites: Build an intranet for your company, a project site for your team or a portal for customers without writing a single line of code.


Hangouts & Video Conferences: Launch and join video meetings, group chats and voice conversations from your laptop, tablet or phone.