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Apps vs Websites

Everyone is very familiar with the standard mobile apps on devices. Apps are software applications (apps) designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. But customised mobile apps design and creation has become a critical part of business processes in many industries.

Whereas a business might have previously focused all their digital communication and marketing efforts on their website, that same business today is implementing a custom designed mobile app.

A custom design mobile app design and creation enables direct communication with consumers, and up to the moment data publishing. This is ideal for digital publishing of schedules or critical information. However they can also be extremely functional and replace outdated manual or paperwork processes. Think of an app as a computer programme. One that can be customised to your own business. There are no limits to its functionality. Add a camera and you have an app that can take photos, transmit reports…. the sky is the limit!

Webmatic is experienced in feasibility studies and production of Mobile apps design and creation. We create custom designed apps that can offer a huge benefit to a business, that seeks to engage directly with their customers on a new and exciting level.

For any business conducting classes (such as yoga, pilates etc) you can get your own app, complete with online payment, promos and more. Gain the functionality of your own, branded mobile app for a fraction of the cost of a newly developed app. For more information see our Case Study.

Case Studies


Pilatestry Studios
Apple iOS/ Android app for a Pilates Studio in Sydney.

AWC Fitouts: SiteDiary
Apple iOS for dynamic young commercial office and shop fitout business based in Sydney.

iOS app Accredited Apple Developer

Apple Accredited And Experienced

Our company is a fully accredited Apple App Developer. Our team has experience in creating apps that meet guidelines and for technical, content, and design criteria used to review apps submitted to the Mac App Store. We have also undertaken work with API development integration where the real time app data is synced with the front end of the client’s website – a truly interactive ecommerce user experience.

The apps we design are for business to consumer or business to business, and to date we have an excellent track record of mobile apps design and creation, as well as publishing solutions for successful custom design apps.

 With our app development, we would strive to solve a business problem for our clients, as part of an integrated strategic design program. We can design and build an app that provides a business with a solution, or digitisation of an existing Business process within their organisation.

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