Quick, Easy Website design

Webmatic is here to help grow and enhance your brand. Our quick, easy website design process includes support services like digital marketing, web development, branding, and creative services.

Quick and Easy Website design process by Webmatic ®

Quick and Easy Website design process

1. We offer our customers the option of registering a domain name.

Whether you own a domain already or need to register a new domain name we can help. It is relatively quick, easy and cost effective to register a few domain names that relate to your brand. This also helps to protect your brand from being used by competitors to mislead the public. (Note: That topic is covered in another post).

2. We can design and build your perfect website.

A range of awesome, easy-to-use website solutions is available for you to choose from. It is an easy step by step process starting with your brief. Your website will be customised to suit your needs and business objectives.

3. The design process begins with a wireframe drawing.

This is for mapping out the structure. Next we design the site’s master pages, while focusing on content creation. (Content creation includes sourcing suitable images and the copywriting or wording for your site.)

4. Next comes web development, and fine tuning the functionality of the website.

Functionality could be for example, an online shopping cart system, or a special photo gallery with filters to show your projects by category.

5. Final touches

When everything is running perfectly after all testing we will launch the live site. It is relatively quick and easy when it is done the Webmatic way. Plus when you need search engine optimisation to help your website to show up in search results we can advise with that too.

To get started simply fill in our easy to use online free quote form. We will then prepare your proposal (including cost estimate, turnaround estimate and detailed list of suggested features to match your request).