The best designs have three things in common

Web design doesn’t need to be complicated to be effective. With a few basic principles, anybody can create stunning website pages—no tricky software or complicated courses necessary.

Here are the three basic elements of any good design. With our Webmatic website builder, these issues are already solved for you.


Webmatic Website builder - balance

Beautiful designs require a harmonious mix of things like font, colour and imagery. Too much at once can look messy. Our Website Builder templates are all pre-designed for you– with this principle in mind. But when you are editing pages and adding stuff, if in doubt … keep it simple. The saying goes” “KISS”: “Keep It Simple Stupid”, and definitely not KISS the 1970’s iconic rockers.


Webmatic Website builder - hierarchy: Website design website builder, when order is right

While our Website Builder templates have this already all figured out for you, taking this design principle into account, you need to be aware of scale and order of items on your page. What do you want to say with your design? A clear visual hierarchy emphasises the most important elements of your design through position firstly, and then the page items relative colour, size and alignment. If in doubt, rely on the prebuilt templates and simply replace the contents with your own.


Webmatic Website builder - Typography: Website design website builder, typography to give personality

A well-chosen font will reinforce the message of your design. Do you want to look serious, or playful? Let your typeface do the talking. Our Website Builder includes many free fonts so that you can style your page headings, article headings, body font on the fly and see the results in real time. The free fonts are based on best practice web standards, so they look great on all devices. You can be sure that what you are seeing, will be an exact match to what your website visitors see when they visit your website!

Webmatic makes it easy to create stunning website page designs.

Ready to make something extraordinary? Let’s go!

Image credits: Canva. Thx for the design inspo!