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AWC Shopfitters Pty Ltd have been a client of ours for several years. We have been proudly assisting our client with websites, branding and identity, and marketing material for over 6 years. Recently AWC approached us to design and develop a custom designed app for AWC Concepts, SiteDiary Mobile App. The app brief was to streamline aspects of their internal business processes.

site-diary-app-300SiteDiary is our solution to their business problem of replacing paperwork with a mobile app designed to allow users to record all onsite day-to-day activities, results in their Australian construction workplaces. The app allows users to record various forms of data (photos, text, OH&S, accidents and incidents etc) and easily produce reports that summarise information which has been recorded.

Our Approach

We began with wireframe schematic design mockup design and moved the designs into development stage, phased according to the project objectives. Icons for this app have been designed according to Apple iOS8 icon grid, which ensures clean lines and they display crisply.

We have taken the custom designed app for AWC Concepts, SiteDiary app from concept, to design, testing, refinement in an Agile Methodology, and finally into production. The app is published on the Apple App Store (Version 1.0, December 2015, updated in 2016).


The Custom designed app for AWC Concepts, SiteDiary app has a powerful interface which can handle multiple data recording tasks. This makes it easier for our client’s site managers to capture and control all site information. Although many other features exist within the app, such as calendar reminders, there is one main benefit: the reporting tool. This tool captures all recorded data within the app and can transmit a PDF via email. This can be sent to the head office or any other email address. The app will also handle high resolution photographs and has a login feature to enable lost passwords etc.

Custom designed app for AWC Concepts, SiteDiary

Designed for Both iPhone and iPad

How to download the app:

Download on the App Store (Apple iOS devices)

Apple iOS App Info:

Custom designed app for AWC Concepts, SiteDiary

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Updated: Apr 29, 2016
Current Version: 1.01
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