With brands so easily created nowadays by just about anyone, anywhere in the world able to access the internet, it is MORE important than ever to protect yours.

Here are a couple of super-easy ways to begin Protecting Your Brand, Online to achieve brand protection. Some of these tips can be completed online in just minutes:

1. Register your website address (domain name) in multiple domain name formats – don’t settle for only .com.au (e.g. www.wrightcreative.com.au) but also register OTHER domain name extensions (e.g. such as wrightcreative.net.auwrightcreative.com, wrightcreative.biz, etc)

Or, if you trade in other countries consider also registering your domain name in their TLD as well (TLD stands for top level domains) such as .co.nz or .co.uk if you are Trading in New Zealand and UK respectively. Simple, cost-effective brand protection. Done and dusted.

This will prevent your competitors from registering your brand name in their names and abusing it by directing YOUR potential customers to their own websites! It happens everyday.  

A warning: bear in mind that if your domain name is still available for registration by YOU, then it is available for ANYONE to register! And that could be your competitor with the intent of hoodwinking your customers.

2. The other, proper (and lately, more accessible) method is a legal protection too, and that is to apply for a trademark on your brand (either the words of your brand or the logo itself). We can help you apply online for a trademark from $330.  Get in touch if you need assistance with this.

 Hope this gives some pointers. If you need more ideas feel free to get in touch with me for advice or brand consulting.