What type of business photo should you have on Social Media and Your Website?

It depends on your individual market and to whom you are talking.

Send the right message to the right platform. However certain guidelines remain for all industry verticals:

  • DON’T USE A RANDOM SNAPSHOT of yourself with your kids/dog/cat/sport etc.
  • (Or my ABSOLUTE WORST…) DON’T USE A CROPPED-OFF snapshot (from a group photo at a social gathering probably), showing someone’s arm around your shoulder. It’s just sloppy. Not a professional business tone.
  • Your business photo should ideally represent your professional image!

I also believe you should have a professional ‘hero photo’ taken by a specialist photographer. It is worth the cost!

And, that for consistency that same “hero” image should be used on ALL your Social Media platforms of choice, business website, Facebook account, business Twitter profile, Google Plus, mosaicHUB, Linkedin, etc.

Human brains are hard-wired to recognise faces more than words, so a GREAT QUALITY photo of you used correctly will work to build you as ‘the brand’.

My way of thinking is consistency in a way that you are ‘the brand, so get a good head shot and post it wherever you choose to join in business Social Media!

You as ‘the brand’ will benefit and improve the chance of making a good first impression – ‘cos we only ever get that one chance at a first impression!