Website Rescue

In our business it pays to be just as good with website backend technology, as you are with front end web design. (We are OK with bioth by all accounts).

Proving that we are not spinning this, here is an actual good news story about a web hosting and WordPress rescue that we finalised for 

This website restore, rescue and hosting migration project was completed over 3 weeks. It began with restoring the crashed site and migrating a MASSIVE advertising directory website from its originating USA-based server onto our Aussie based server. And along the way subsequently revamping the site’s core WordPress code and plugins. 

This website has NEVER been better than it is today, and our client is so relieved and satisfied with such amazing results. 

The results speak for themselves:

  • 50% decrease in server load
  • 39% decrease in unnecessary files
  • 88% decrease in memory usage

Website hosting results before and after

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