Protecting Your Brand, OnlineOnline Trademark Application and Tips to Protect Your Brand Online

“With brands so easily created nowadays by just about anyone, anywhere in the world able to access the internet, it is MORE important than ever to protect yours.”

Here are a couple of super-easy ways to achieve brand protection. Some of these can be completed online in just minutes!

Firstly, there is no legal requirement to register your trade mark in Australia. However it is an optional extra level of protection for your brand. But before you even consider the trademark registration you should consider the domain name (website address) of your brand.

1. Register your website address (domain name) in multiple domain name formats – don’t settle for (e.g. but also register OTHER domain name extensions (e.g. such as, .com .biz .co – etc.)

Or, if you trade in other countries consider also registering your domain name in their TLD as well (T.L.D. stands for top level domains) such as or if you are Trading in New Zealand and UK respectively. Simple, cost-effective brand protection. Done and dusted. This will prevent your competitors from registering your brand name in their names and abusing it by directing YOUR potential customers to their own websites! It happens everyday.

A warning: bear in mind that if your domain name is still available for registration by YOU, then it is available for ANYONE to register! And that could be your competitor with the intent of hoodwinking and misleading your customers to their own website.

2. Legal Protection

The other method, which is proper legal brand protection, is to apply for a trademark on your brand (either the words of your brand or the logo itself). Lately, such online Trademark Applications have become much more accessible. In the past businesses had no option but to use a professional service such as Patent Attorneys. That process represented a large expense. The online Trademark Application method is now a relatively straightforward process. A successful application provides your brand with an authentic legal protection under Australian Trademark and Law.

Here is a link to get this process started.

3. Do your research. If you are trading in Australia and her territories, discover if your brand is infringing on anyone else’s brand names with the following link: visit IP Australia’s website.
The IP Australia website has loads of information where you may also learn a lot more about BRAND PROTECTION and ONLINE TRADEMARK APPLICATIONS. Discover what is and isn’t intellectual property

[also known as I.P. – which is protectable content] versus what is not I.P. (i.e. what is in the public domain and is therefore something you cannot protect, nor claim as your “own”).

If you need more ideas, get in touch for advice or brand consulting.

The Million Dollar Question: “What Does Online Trademark Application Cost Me”?

You could apply to register your trademark from as little as $300 (plus Government fees*)

Your trademark application once submitted will be managed by an experienced Australian Registered Trademark Attorney. Leveraging off intelligent software, we are able to offer cost-effective
Trademark filing — without compromising on quality.

Online Trademark Application: Saving you Precious Time and Money

This unique application process automates the search of classification & class-based availability.
Each trademark application filed through this portal is reviewed in detail by our Registered Australian Trademarks Attorney – giving your application the best chance of registration and broad scope of protection.

Application Management and Filing Costs:

Filing of First Class (each)
$300 per application (first class) + GST
*Plus Government Filing fees: $200 (first class) [NO GST is applicable] File your trademark ONLINE